2022 Samsung working on brain controlled device ARTICLE TODAY

South Korean technology company Samsung's Emerging Technologies Lab is working with a group of researchers at the University of Texas on developing electronic devices that can be controlled by human thought. Currently, they are conducting research on tablet computer operation by collecting brain signals with the help of EEG (Electroencephalography) caps and translating them. In this case, a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 is being experimented with using the power of thought to launch applications, select contacts or songs, turn the device on/off, etc

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Would it be comfortable to use “brain-control” wearing a sensored cap all the time?

MIT Technology Review says Samsung has no plans to make brain-controlled phones right now. They are in the very early stages of research, using a special type of cap with EEG monitoring electrodes. It introduces a brain controlled computer interface. In this regard, researchers are looking at developing well-known "brain activity patterns" and "signal processing methods" to accurately process brainwaves and use them to control devices.

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Samsung researcher Insu Kim said much research is still needed to make the brain computer interface responsive to smartphones or similar devices. Among the several challenges in this regard is to make the weak EEG signals usable in electronic devices and to create user-friendly brainwave recorders.

According to Samsung's current research, the technology requires the user to wear an EEG cap, which is not compatible with everyday life. So if you want to make it a reality, it is advisable to simplify the whole process.

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