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You may know Elon Musk as the founder of Tesla or SpaceX. You should know Elon Musk especially because of the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket that launched the Bangabandhu Satellite (1). He has several other technology companies. Some of them dig the ground and make tunnels, and some try to know what is going on inside the human brain. One such company of Elon Musk is Neuralink. Founded in 2016, this company was not well known until now. However, the tech world has been in a bit of a stir since Neuralink recently announced one of their devices.


Neuralink has developed a brain-machine interface. In simple words they will insert some connectors/threads (simply 'wires') into the human brain like their invented thread. The wires (threads) are then attached to a tiny chip on the skull.

The chip will send various instructions from the brain to the computer or smartphone through a device connected to the ear. And by using this signal, the paralyzed patients can control any machine without moving their hands or even without making any sound just by thinking. There is no doubt that it would change the world if it could actually be done in humans. And this is why there is so much talk about Elon Musk and Neuralink.

It's not that such a brain-machine interface doesn't currently exist, or that other companies haven't researched it. But the biggest breakthrough in their research is that they have created a thread-like material to insert into the brain that is so fine that it will not cause any damage to the human brain. So Neuralink is ahead of other brain machine interfaces in this respect.

According to their research paper, an array of 96 such fibers has a total of 3072 electrodes. They can transport much more data at once. The threads are only 4 to 6 micrometers in diameter. That means they are finer than human hair.

In addition to these fibers, they have developed another device that can insert fibers into the automatic brain. Although their research has been secret for a long time, Elon Musk highlighted their progress in a presentation last week. Elon Musk said, Neuralink's purpose of this event is not to create a discussion, but their purpose is to encourage talented workers to join Neuralink.

Currently in the lab they are conducting research on different animals. Musk said that a monkey was able to control a computer through this technology. Research on mice is ongoing. Neuralink also has an iPhone app.

Neuralink researchers hope that in the near future they will be able to attach these fibers inside the brain with a laser beam, where holes are currently required to be drilled with a drill machine for the same task. Musk even said that they will be able to insert it into the human brain by the end of next year. A robot has been developed to perform these surgeries.

As mentioned earlier, this brain-machine interface is not new, although thanks to Neuralink and the popularity of Elon Musk, it is now going viral again. Scientists were able to move the cursor of the computer with the help of his mind in this technology by first implanting a brain in a patient with spinal cord paralysis named Matthew Nagle. In 2006, he was able to play a pong game on a computer using only his mind. However, the technology that scientists used for this was called Braingate, which was first developed at Brown University in the United States. In other words, Neuralink didn't come out of nowhere, rather it has been built on decades of research and education.

But yes, the old braingate technology used only 128 electrodes called the Utah array. Neuralink, on the other hand, is using more than 3,000 electrodes.

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